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Pension Application for William Scutt

W.9279 (Widow: Hannah)
Private, Captain Powers, Col. Livingston.
Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the second section of the act of Congress passed 30 February AD 1853, entitled, “An act to continue half pay to certain widows & orphans.”
State of New York
County of Columbia SS.
            On this twenty ninth day of March AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty three personally appeared before the undersigned a Justice of the Justices Court of the City of Hudson in said County same being a Court of Record, Hannah Scutt of Hillsdale in said County aged 80 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the above mentioned act of Congress passed 3d February 1853.
            That she is the widow of William Scutt who was a private in the War of the Revolution & who in his life time obtained a pension under the act of 7th June 1832 of Sixty three dollars & 77 cents per annum for his Revolutionary services and who died at Hillsdale in said County of Columbia on the 22nd day of August AD one thousand eight hundred & forty.
            For his said Revolutionary Services she refers to his statement on file in the Pension Office.
            She further declares that she was married to the said William Scutt at Hillsdale aforesaid on or about the year 1815 or 1816 by Edward Bagley then a Justice of the Peace & then residing in Hillsdale aforesaid now deceased and that she remains the widow of said William  Scutt not having intermarried since his death.  Declarant further says she has no family record of her marriage to said William Scutt & she had no children by him.  She does hereby relinquish all claim to any other pension except a pension she may be entitled to for the Revolutionary Services of her first husband, Jeremiah Potter who was from the State of Rhode Island by whom she had 8 children.  (Signed with her mark)  Hannah Scutt.
            Sworn to & subscribed before me this 29th March 1853 by said Hannah Scutt.  R. B. Storm, Justice of the Justices Court in the City of Hudson.

State of New York
Columbia County SS.
            On this eighth day of October AD 1832 Personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the Justices Court of the City of Hudson now sitting William Scutt a resident of Hillsdale in the County of Columbia and State of New York, who was born in the town of Livingston in said County, on the Twentieth day of December & who is seventy four years of age, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.  Deponent says that he enlisted in the Malitia [sic] in Taghanic in the County of Columbia aforesaid under Jacob Powers as Captain who is now dead in the year 1776.  That this deponent was then in his 19th year that he enlisted for six months, that they were called out as rangers or spies to take up the Tories, that among the company was Peter Woolcotts, Samuel Warner, James Taylor, one Abraham Scutt who are now all dead.
            That they marched through Red Hook, Poughkeepsie, to Fishkill, staid almost ten weeks at McBrides Farm in Fishkill, next were stationed at Fishkill Barracks, then went to [Pockmagese?] from thence went down to Fishkill Barracks again, then was ordered to take all the prisoners they had at the Barracks to Poughkeepsie, they marched to Poughkeepsie where they remained this deponent remained until the full term of his enlistment had expired where he was honorably discharged by James Powers their commander. Thad this discharge was verbal.  That there is no person living that deponent has any knowledge of by whom he can prove the above term of service.  Deponent next volunteered under Captain Conradt Kline in company with George VanDusen, Lieutenant McSeavin, Wilhelmus Turner, John G. Decker who are now all dead, as this deponent believes & he knows of none who are living who served with him or who is knowing this service, deponent started about the 10th of May 1777, & marched to Claverack, Kinderhook, Albany up to Fort Edward, when they met the United States Army, met the army on the retreat at the Sand Hill at Fort Edward, deponent & his Company joined the main army & remained with the standing army until the seventeenth day of October 1777 when Burgoyne was taken & was in the Battle.  That after the taking of Burgoyne deponent was discharged by his captain Coonradt Kline, that this discharge was also verbal.  That deponent recollects Samuel TenBroeck was Major and Peter Livingston was Lieutenant Colonel, Genl Schuyler, and General Gates were the generals, that General Gates was present at the taking of Burgoyne, that deponent believes the above named persons are all dead & he does not know of any person now living by whom he might prove the above service.  This Deponent further says that in the fall of the year he thinks in the month of October? 1778 this deponent volunteered under Captain Coonradt Kline, among the volunteers in Company with deponent was Wilhelmus Turner, Major Samuel Ten Broeck, Robet VanDusen, Gilbert Turner, that they commenced the march at Johnstown in the County of Columbia & State of New York marched to Albany from Albany to Schenectady, from thence to Ballstown, from thence through to Saratoga, that their Colonel was Henry Livingston from the time deponent & company commenced the march until the time of his discharge, which he received verbally.  [In more?] eight weeks that he this deponent does not know of any person who was in the company that is now living by whom he could prove the aforesaid service.
            This deponent further says that in the fall of 1779, about the 20th of September Deponent volunteered under Captain James Robinson, Deponent’s father, Abraham Scutt, Gilbert Turner, Abijah Thompson, Coonradt Snook, Jacob Kline, was among the number that this deponent & company commended the march at Taghanic Flats through Clavarack, Kinderhook, Schodack, Greenbush to Lansingburgh from thence to Still water, remained at Still Water about three weeks, was under the same Colonel & Major as above stated.  That they went as spies or rangers.  That from the commencement of said March until deponent was discharged which was a verbal discharge, the time this deponent was actually & actively engaged in this last mentioned service is was as much as six weeks.
            This deponent further says that in the spring of the year of 1780 this deponent volunteered under Captain Jacob Kline as commander & that among the company were Frederick Scutt, William Scutt, John Groat, Claudius Woolcott, Abraham Frayer, Francis Woolcott, & Anthony Kline and others.  That this deponent volunteered as [?] & this deponent & companies service consisted in guarding the roads & lines between the State of Massachusetts and the State of New York to pursue the Torey’s and Enemies from conveying grain, produce &c. from the State of new York into the State of Massachusetts, that this service commenced about the first of March 1780 & continued until in the summer, that the whole time of service last mentioned by this deponent was three month, that this deponent was in actual service during this three months & as the expiration of time was honorably discharged.  That this discharge was also verbal, that there are none of the above named persons now living to the knowledge of this deponent, nor is there any person living by whom this deponent might prove the last mentioned service according to the best of this deponents knowledge.  This deponent then says that soon after the term of this last mentioned service.
             This deponent entered the service again as a substitute for one Coonradt Silvernail in the month of July 1780 under Captain TenBroeck his given name deponent cannot recollect.  There among the company was Claudius Woolcut, Jonathan Fox, Samuel Smith, Jacob Kline, Junior, Ezra Whitsmark, and others. That Samuel TenBroeck was deponent’s Major Henry Livingston was Colonel Commanded to march as Johnstown went through redhook, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill to West Point at West Point deponent & company remained & assisted in building the Forts.  That from the commencement of the march to the time of deponents discharge was five weeks that the whole of this time deponent was in actual service.  That he was honorably discharged by Captain TenBroeck which discharge was verbal, that all of the above named persons are dead or so deponent thinks & all other persons by whom he might prove the above service if they were living.  This deponent further says that in the winter of 1781 this deponent was ordered out by James Robinson again as captain, thinks it was about the first of January 1781 that service the company was Gilbert Farmer, John Breese, George Van Dusen, Lawrence Dicker & others.  That they commenced the march at Taghanic to Johnstown when deponent and company encamped & remained there at encamped two weeks, same Colonel and Same Major as last aforesaid. That when they so encamped at Johnstown in the County of Columbia the object of their encampment was solely to guard the town & watch the Torys. That this deponent & company remained & did [?] during & for the term of two weeks when he was discharged by Captain Robinson verbally. That the above named persons & all others, deponent believes are all dead by whom if living he [?] the aforesaid service.  This deponent further says that he this deponent in the summer of 1781, in the month of June, hired a substitute by the name of George White, and paid said White one hundred dollars to take deponents place (deponent having been [?] himself of his company to serve a draft in deponent’s company), that said Georgedid take deponents place for the term of nine months.  The captain and all the officers were stranger to deponent, deponent cannot say whether the said George white served the nine months or more, the company was marched to the south & deponent never saw said George since that time.  Deponent says that all the service herein afore stated was performed was actually performed by him this deponent in the Malitia of the State of New York. That this deponent cannot neither read or write, that he never went to school over four weeks & that all he can read is the English alphabet that he has forgotten the companies numbers and the number of the regiments to which he belonged, that he is very poor, aged and infirm, & that he has no other evidence in his power than his own statement to establish the truth of his service.  That all persons now generally other than himself who were his associates in arms, that he acted during all of the above services as a private & that he has no records or other evidence to transmit.
            That he has no record of his age.
            That since the Revolution he has resided in the town of Hillsdale aforesaid.
            That he has never received any commission.
            That the names of his neighbors who can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution are Able Brown, a clergyman, John F. Allen, Nicholas Sharts, John N. Shokes, Russell G. Dorr & Henry Loop.
            That he hereby relinquishes all claim to any pension or annuity except the present & that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.  (Signed with his mark) William Scutt.
            Sworn & subscribed the day & year aforesaid.  John D. Parker, Clerk.

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