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 Pension Application for Tilman Seabury

R.9333 (Widow: Catherine Kip)  Married at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Hackensack, Dutchess County, NY State on February 27th 1778.
State of New York
Dutchess County SS.
            On this sixth day of September 1837 before me—Charles  H. Ruggles Circuit Judge and Vice Chanceller of the Second Circuit of the State of New York and a resident of Poughkeepsie in said county personally appeared Catherine Seabury a resident of Poughkeepsie aforesaid aged seventy nine years on the eighteenth day of May last, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on her oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress, passed July 4th 1836; that she is the widow of Tilman Seabury—that she saw her said husband serving as a soldier in the army of the United States during the revolutionary war at the City of New York in the spring of 1776—that she was married to the said Tilman Seabury on the twenty seventh day of February 1778 at New Hackensack in the said county by the Rev. Isaac Rysdyck, that after such marriage and in the fall of the year 1778 but at what precise time this declarant cannot say, her said husband served as a volunteer and as a minute man in the army of the United States, at Fishkill in said county and in the capacity of a sergeant as this deponent was informed by her said husband to this during said service and since for this deponent verily believes to be true—that her said husband served at the time &b place last aforesaid under Captain Swarthout and during a part of the time under a Captain Osborne who was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant at the time Capt. Swarthout left the command as this deponent has also been informed & believes—and the said Catherine also declares and deposes, that afterwards in the year 1780 and about the time of Arnold’s treason and Andre’s capture, her said husband also enlisted and served as an orderly sergeant at West Point for six months but under what officers this deponent cannot state—that this deponent cannot recollect at what particular times or places her said husband served as a soldier or sergeant, besides those above mentioned, but that although her memory is much impaired, yet she distinctly recollects that after her said marriage her said husband was drafted or volunteered & served as a soldier or officer in the army of the United States during all or the latter part of the remainder of the war after her said marriage.  That her said husband was in the service at West Point as aforesaid, he visited this deponent at Poughkeepsie aforesaid, twice on furlough—She further declares and deposes, that she has no documentary evidence in support of this her claim—that her said husband Tilman Seabury, died on the eighth day of April in the year 1823, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.  (Signed with her mark)  Catherine Seabury
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written, before me—and I hereby certify that the said Catherine Seabury is a credible person and that by reason of bodily infirmity she cannot appear in court for the purposes of this application.  Charles H. Ruggles, Circuit Judge and Vice Chancellor of the Second Circuit of the State of New York.

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