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Pension Application for John Sickles or Sickels

R.9559  (Wife: Hannah)
State of New York
Herkimer County SS.
            On the ninth day of October 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Court of Common pleas in and for the County of Herkimer now sitting John Sickles of the Town [of] Norway in the County of Herkimer State of New York aged Seventy six years of age who being first duly sworn doth on oath depose and make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passeth June Seventh 1832 do make the following declaration to wit that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein after stated.
            John Sickels being a resident of the Town of Norway County of Herkimer State of New York says was born in Dutchess County State of New York on the 15th day of October 1756 says that he has no record of his age says and calculates his birthday by his age and from parents.  That he resides in County of Albany at a place called German’s Pattent, at the time of his Enlistment in the Service of the United [States] in the war of the Revolution, he this deponent Enlisted as a private soldier for the term of nine months, this enlistment took place soon after the commencement of the war but does not recollect the year but says that it was in the spring of the year says that he was enlisted in the aforesaid service [?] Capt. Samuel VanAntwerp under the emidiate command of Colonel Fisher, Major Isaac Verplank during my time of enlistment I rendered the following services soon after my enlistment I was sent by Capt. VanAntwerp into the woods to chop cord wood and set [alcornery] and carrying the firewood to Queman sending this wood was for the benefit of the continental establishment I furthermore state that I was selected in [?] with about one hundred out of my regiment as Rangers for the purpose of pursuing the Indians and tories and that one did go and pursued them as far as to the Susquehannah River and on that boat there were several Indians & tories killed, I further more state that I served out my term of Enlistment in and about Albany & Greenbush & that I received my written discharge at the Expiration of my term of Enlistment from colonel Fisher the commander of the Regiment during my enlistment said discharge is lost or destroyed does not know which.
            I furthermore declare that sometime after my first term of enlistment had expired perhaps one month that I enlisted in the war of the Revolution as a private soldier for during the war at Greenbush opposite of Albany says he enlisted into Colonel Gansevoorts Regiment and then in Col. Fisher Regiment and thinks that he was enlisted by Colonel Fisher himself at Greenbush—I furthermore declare that after my Enlistment for during the war that I remained in the service from that time until the close of the war until peace was declared and that from the day of my enlistment time during for during the war, & was on duty every day stayed with the army encamp with them and that I served as [fife?] Major during this whole enlistment till the close of the war and that I received my discharge at the close of the war at Fort Edwards near Lake Champlain and that I received a written discharge which discharge is lost or destroyed—I do further state that I cannot recollect the year that I first entered the service not the year that I left the service at the close of the war but I can safely and truly say that I served in the war of the revolution from the commencement till the end thereof and that during which time I rendered no other services, did no other labor employed in no other business than that of in defence of my country and obeyed the order of Superior officers.  I further state that I do not recollect of any living person who can testify to any of my service in the war of the revolution but to the best of my recollection as far as I have understood they are all dead.
            This deponent further state I rendered my Revolutionary Services during my enlistment from during the war at the following places and according to the best of my recollection was commanded by the following officers to wit says that he was called two or three times to Fort Stanwicks to build the fort under Captain Francis Winner that he was employed one whole summer at Gueman’s Landing a few miles before Albany in building now Gallies some times called fireships at one time was called to Montgomery County to Stonearabia thinks under General Gansevoort or VanRensselaer, says that he did duty during the war at the several forts along the Mohawk river in different times & years to wit, say recollects of doing duty at fort Hunder also at fort Plain, fort Stanwick and Fort Bull—helped built it under Capt. French
            I further would state that I rendered services in the war of the Revolution at several places along the North river but cannot say the year when it took place to wit I recollect of being called to Cocksackey also Rinearhock, New Canen say that the company or regiment he belonged to lay one whole summer at Scodack recollects of being send to the Indian Fields so called also to a place called Freehote was sent to Schoharry Albany Green Bush Lansingburgh Fort Edwards Saratoga says that the company he belonged was sent to Saratoga to assist in the Battle what was fought there by arriving too late come when the Battle was over says saw the dead bodies lay on the ground the ground all covered with Blood says recollects of being called to Plattsburgh.
            This deponent further states during the war of the Revolution I received from government a suit of clothing adapted to me as fife major to wit, one red scarlet coat with blue facings one three corner hat one white under jacket one pair of yellow Burkshire Pantaloons one pair white stockings one white Hankerchief this deponent further said that he at another time drew from government one whole suit of white cotton clothing, say that said clothing he received from and was delivered by a Col. John McCarthy who resided at Gueman’s Landing who kep[t] clothing to supply the army.
            This deponent further saith that he was born at the place called Fishkill says that he has no record of his age. Says he resided when he entered the service of the revolution about 4 miles easterly of Gueman Landing some miles below Albany removed from there to the town of Minden Montgomery County from thence Norway the present place of residence.
            Say never drafted but was a substitute but and [?] private soldier from the beginning of the revolutionary war till the end thereof and further saith that he has no clergy whom he could obtain to testify to my age neither do I know of any clergy now living that knows anything respecting my age.  This deponent further saith that he was personally acquainted with the following officers in the war of the Revolution to wit: General Gansevoort, General VanRansalaer, General Lee, General Arnold, General Herkimer, Colonel Willett, Colonel Francis Winner, Colonel James Waldrom, Colonel Joseph Springstreet, Major Ten Eyck, Major Verplacnk, Major Balsley, Major Scarmahorn, Capt. Dougal Van Antwerp, Capt. John or Abrey French.
            This deponent further saith that he has received a written discharge at the close of the war which is lost, and that he had received one for the nine months of Colonel Fisher a written discharge at the end of my nine month Enlistment soon after the beginning of the war which is also lost.
            The following person residing in my amediate neighborhood who can testify to my [character] for veracity and their belief of my services as a soldier in the revolution to wit, John Rot6h, John Warmuth, & Thomas Hall.
            This deponent further states that he never received any annuity—pension from any law of the United States providing for the officers and soldiers in the war of the revolution hereby relinquish every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed with his mark)  John Stickles.
            Sworn in open court this 10 Oct. 1832.  F.E. Spinner Depu. Clerk

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