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Pension Application for Cornelius Swartwout

W.29605 (Widow: Sarah.  Married March 30, 1780.  Cornelius Swartwout died 22 Sept. 1831.  Sergeant in the company commanded by Captain Robert Wood, Pawling was Colonel.)
State of New York
Albany County SS.
            On this 30th day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred, and thirty nine, personally speared before the subscriber, one of the Judges of the County Court of the County of Albany, (being Court of Record) Sarah Swartout, of Westerlo, in said County aged eighty two years, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth, on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 4, 1836.
            That she is the widow of Cornelius Swartwout, who was a private and musician, and served as such in the Army of the United States, or Militia of the State of New York, in the war of the Revolution in Capt. Swartwouts Company, in Col. VanBenscholten’s Regiment & under other officers, as will more fully appear by her affidavit and that of Josiah Hinkley, hereto annexed.
            She further declares that she was married to the said Cornelius Swartwout on the thirteenth day of march in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty; that her husband the aforesaid Cornelius Swartwout, died on the twenty second day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty one; and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.
            And she further states, that the record of her marriage hereto annexed is the only record of that fact of which she has any knowledge.  That it was written on a leaf of the family Bible many years ago, in the life time of her said Husband, and she believes it to be in the hand writing of her said husband.
            Her name previous to her marriage was Sarah TerBush—That she is unable to write her name from old age & bodily infirmity.  (Signed with her mark)  Sarah Swartwout.
            Sworn to & subscribed, on the day & year first above written before me.  John Niles, A Judge of Albany County Courts.
Family Record
            Cornelius Swartwout was boarn in the year of our Lord 1757 July 12th.
            Sarah TerBush was boarn in the year of our Lord 1757 March 30th.  [Born in Fishkill, Dutchess County.]
            Our First Born was a son named Johannis Swartwout was born Sept. 15th in the year of our Lord 1780 and was Baptized by Reverend Mr. Fraligh.
            1782 May 24th Second son was Born named Henry Swartwout and was Baptized by the Reverend Dr. Livingston.
            1783 Sept. 15th our first Dauter was Born named
Nelly Swartwout and was Baptized by the Reverend Docter Livingston.
            1785 May 31th our third son was born named Myndert Swartwout and was baptized by the Reverend Mr. Rizendike.
            1787 March 25th our forth son was born named Abraham Swartwout and was Baptized by the Reverend Mr. Rizendike.
            1788 December 20th our fifth son [was born] named Gorge Wasinton Swartwout and was Baptized by Reverend Mr. Rizendkie.
            1789 October 19th our Sixth son [was born] named Jacobus Swartwout and was Baptized by Reverend Mr. Gray.
            1792 October 17th our seventh son was born named Nathan Swartwout and was Baptized by the Reverend Mr. Fraligh.

            Letter dated April 15, 1932, written in reply to a request for information.
            You are furnished herein the record of Cornelius Swartwout as found in pension claim W.29605, based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.
            Cornelius Swartwout was born July 12, 1757, and was sometimes referred to as Cornelius C. Swartwout.  The place of his birth and names of parents were not given.
            The soldier married in March 1780, Sarah TerBush who was born March 30, 1757, in Fishkill, Dutchess County New York.  They were married in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, that state, where they were both then living.  The names of Sarah’s parents are not shown.  About 1801, they moved to that part of the Town of Rensselaer which was later Westerlo in Albany County, New York.  He died there September 22, 1831.
            Sarah Swartwout, soldier’s widow, applied April 30, 1839, for pension due on account of the service of her husband.  She was then living in Westerlo, Albany County, New York.  It was stated that Cornelius Swartout, while a resident of Fishkill, New York, enlisted in 1776 and served at various times until the close of the war, amounting to four years, as fifer and sergeant in the New York troops, a part of the time under Captain Swartwout,he uncle, and robert Wood, and Colonels Elias VanBunshoten, Swartwout (relationship to soldier not designated) and Pawling.  Here claim was allowed. Sarah Swartwout died May 23, 1842.
            The following names of children of Cornelius Swartwout and his wife, Sarah, are shown in the claim:
            Jonannis (first child) Swartwout, born September 15, 1780.
            Henry Swartwout, born May 24, 1782.
            Nelly (their first dau.) Swartwout born September 15, 1783.
            Mynderd (3rd son) Swartwout born May 31, 1785.
            Abraham Swartwout, born March 25, 1787.
            George Washington Swartwout born December 20, 1788, in 1839, his mother living with him in Westerlo, NY.
            Jacobus (James) Swartwout born October 19, 1790
            Nathan Swartwout, born October 17, 1792.
            Simon Swartwout date of birth not shown.
            Sarah Miller, date of birth not shown.
            In 1851, Henry Swartwout, administrator of Sarah Swartwout’s estate, reported the following surviving children, only:  John, Abraham, George, James, Simon Swartwout and Sarah Miller.

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