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Partial Pension Application for Jacob Tanner

Pension No. S11513
(N.Y.), April 18, 1833, Town of Sharon, Schoharie County.  Private Captain Garret Putman's Company in Colonel Marinus Willett's Regiment of Levies.
            "That he remained there until the beginning of October 1781 when two of Colonel Willets companies were dispatched to the town of Sharon now a town of Schoharie County lying South of Montgomery County, for cattle for the use of the Soldiery stationed at the afore mentioned place the two companies were commanded by Captains Putnam and Gross ‑ they marched through the wilderness fifteen miles to Henry Haines Mills where they remained over night Not being able to obtain any cattle the two compaines started the ensuing day upon their return to the fort.  The Deponant and one Frederick Olman neighbors had families residing at Currystown in the County of Montgomery who were exposed daily to some struggling club of Indians were advised by the commanding officers to return to the fort by the way of their homes ‑ The deponant and his comrad Olman and the company seperated near the place of the present site of the Dutch Reformed Church in Sharon and while on their way were benighted in the cedar swamp in the North of Sharon when they were obliged to stay during the night ‑ On again advancing the suceeding morning about one hundred and eighty yards they were surprized by a party of Indians eleven in number and a white tory by the name of John Har who had lodged the same night within about two hundred yards of them in the same swamp ‑ As soon as the Indians discovered them they pursued this deponant and Olman about three miles when they crossed the Indians by prostrating themselves flat upon the ground on the top of a hillock while the Inidans curved around the hill into the valley below ‑ Deponant and Olman took advantage of this circumstance and immediately started in a different direction and pursued their course  without interruption until they arrived at Currytown but before they reached their houses deponand and Olman were captured by a company of Indians in ambuscade who were headed by Henry Brandt a cousin of Colo. Joseph Brant who took them after making prisoners of Mr. Olmans father and mother, to Fort Hunter where they were with deponant put under guard the 24 Oct., 1781.  On the succeeding morning Deponant, Olman and his father in law together with thirteen other prisoners were drove back of Johnstown where they were detained two days ‑ From this place deponant with others were escorted as prisoners by the savages to fort Niagara and then kept as a prisoner until the spring of Seventeen hundred and Eighty two ‑ "

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