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Pension Application for Honyost Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken or Jenny Doxtator

Indian (NY) Brother of the Captain (S.23019) S died Mar. 29, 1838
Declaration: In order to obtain the benefit of the Acts of Congress passed May 15th 1828 Granting Pensions to all who served to the end of the Revolutionary War and 4th July 1836, granting pensions to widows of deceased soldier in said war.
State of New York
Oneida County SS.
            Be it known that on this 22d day of December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty two before me the Hon. Ralph McIntosh a Special Surrogate in and for the County and State aforesaid, personally appeared Jenny Doxtator, a credible person belonging to the 1st Christian Party of Oneida Indians aged ninety one years, a resident of the Town of Vernon in the County and State aforesaid who is the widow of Honyost Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken who was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary war, and who being duly sworn according to law, make oath to the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress of 15th of May 1838 and for the benefit of the 3d section of the act of Congress passed on the 4th day of July 1836.  That her said husband the aforesaid Lieut. Honyost Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken alias Honyost Doxtator was a resident of Oriskany in the County aforesaid when in the year 1775 sometime in the spring he volunteered or enlisted into a company of Indians as a Lieutenant under Capt. Honyere Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken, and Indian Chief and Captain & who was brother to the husband of this deponent.  At one time in the Regiment of Continental Troops commanded by General Jacob Klock but at other times under other Generals not now remembered by this declarant.  That he was in the battle at Oriskany the battle of Fort Stanwix and other battles not now remembered by her.  That her said husband was stationed at Oneida with his said company for the period of about 11 months in the year 1777, and that he continued to served in said war to the end thereof when he was honorably discharged, but the discharge has been lost, that he received bounty in land of twelve hundred acres, lots 4 and 16 situated in the twenty six township each containing six hundred acres which so as deeded to him by letters Patent bearing date seomtime in or about the year A.D. 1791 or 1792.  She further declares that the said Lieut Honyost Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken was also called and known by the white people Honyost Doxtator by which names he was called until he died & that this declarant on account thereof, has always been called Jenny Doxtator as will be seen by the proof hereunto annexed.
            She further declares that she was married to the Lieut. Honyost Te-wa-han-gar-ah-ken alias Honyost Doxtator at Oriskany in said County of Oneida by one [blank] on the 16th day of January in the year 1778 before the expiration of his term of service who continued to live until the 29th day of March A.D. 1838 when he departed his natural life at Oneida.  That she had continued to live a widow and unmarried since his death, as will be seen by the proof hereunto annexed.  She further declares that she was never informed & that she was entitled to a pension until she was lately informed of that fact by the Hon. T. Jenkins M.C. that all the widows of Revolutionary Soldiers who were married while their husbands were engaged in the military service of said war. 
            That she has always been ignorant of the pension laws nor did she or her husband in his lifetime know that any person who was engaged in the military service of said war were entitled to pensions on account of their services is the reason why she has not made application sooner.  She therefore makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the benefit of the aforesaid acts.  And for the back arrears of pension due her on account aforesaid.  She furthers says that she is disabled by bodily infirmity to appear in open court.  That on account of her infirmity she was obliged to send for the surrogate to meet here at the office of Hon. T. Jenkins, MC in Oneida Castle.  (Signed with her mark)  Jinney Doxtater
Witness R. McIntosh.
            Sworn to and subscribed before me this 22d day of December 1852.  And I hereby certify that I believe Jenny Doxtator to be a credible witness, of the age above written and unable to appear in open court.  Ralph McIntoch, Special Surrogate.
Note:  This widow made out deposition after deposition but was rejected.

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