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Partial Pension Application for Martin A. Van Alstine

Pension No. S23036 (N.Y.) Town of Root, Montgomery County, N.Y., age 83 years. Col. Samuel Campbell's Regt. of Tryon Co. Militia (First Battalion).

That this deponant was also during said war but the precise time he cannot now remember engaged int he service of the United States at Johnstown in Montgomery County (then Tryon) for two days & that during that time an engagement took place between the Americans under Col. Willett & the enemy & that deponant was engaged through the whole of that battle ‑ that the deponant volunteered on that occasion & that a bullet carried away part of deponants hat on that occasion & that another bullet passed through the clothing of deponant just above the waist band & raked the skin of deponant.

And this deponant further now says that he now remembers that at the Johnstown Battle Col. Willett put deponant under the particular command of a man by the name of Walace, & deponant thinks he was a Captain & that he was a brave soldier.


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