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Pension Application for George Waggoner

Note: Items in the [ ] were added by the transcriber, James F. Morrison.
State of New York
Oneida County
            On this 10th day of February 1834 personally appeared in one Court of Common Pleas being a court of record by Statute.
            George Waggoner of Western in said county age 73 years, who being duly sworn deposes and says in order to obtain the benefit of the act of June 7th 1832.
            That he served in the War of the Revolution as follows, viz:
            That in the year 1777 this deponent entered the army in July as he thinks he entered the army as a substitute for his father Inglehart Waggoner in Capt. [Henry} Diefendorf’s Company in Col. [Ebenezer] Cox’s Regiment. __at Canajoharie, Montgomery Co.___ and marched immediately with the troops under the command of General [Nicholas] Herkimer ___and at the Oriskany Battle which took place in August of that year this deponent was wounded by a ball through his [left] thigh for which wound this deponent was placed on the invalid pension roll –(a copy of his certificate hereto annexed).  He continued in service at this time until wounded and he was then carried home to Canajoharie where he was confined ten months from his wound.
            As soon as he recovered and in the spring of 1780 according to his best recollection he enlisted under a Captain Bigbread [Bradpick, Breadbake, Bedhig, etc.] or some name like this for one year and under one Col. [Samuel] Clyde New York State Troops and marched from Canajoharie to German Flatts on the Mohawk River. We also were (?) at Cherry Valley and from there we marched to German Flatts where we laid until we were discharged having served eleven months, being discharged a short time before our service was out at Fort Herkimer.
            In 1781, enlisted in spring of the year under Captain Gerrit Putmans Company—under Colonel Willett for nine months and did at Fort Plain on the Mohawk and marched through the country back and forth ___ until term of service was out when deponent was discharged having served full term of nine months.
            As soon as first nine months expired—enlisted again under Capt. Gerrit Putmans and Col. Willett for nine months and served at Fort Plain on the Mohawk and in the (?) about there___ was engaged in the Battle of Johnstown and when Butler was killed—deponent was near by when he was shot on the West Canada Creek.  This deponent served at this term the full term of ten months – having been detained in service with the rest of the troops longer than he enlisted___ Col. Willett had the command and was regularly discharged.
            This deponent did not serve in any regular services after this but was frequently out in the militia after this.____ but can’t tell the particulars_____
            He claims for the term above stated, being including time for laying up with my wound Three Years and four months.
            That he hereby relinquishes any claim to a pension except his Invalid Pension and declares that his name is not on any other roll except the Invalid Pension roll of the State of New York and that the annexed is a true copy of this pension certificate.
“War Department”
Invalid Pension
            I certify that in conformity with the laws of the United States George Waggoner late a private in Capt. Diefendorphs Company of the Reg’t Comm’d by Col. Cox was on the nineteenth day of October 1786 inscribed on the Pension list roll of the New York Agency at the rate of five dollars per month and that his name is now on the roll of the same agency at the rate of eight per month commencing on the twenty-fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixteen.  This certificate is issued in (?) of one dated on the nineteenth day of October 1786.
            Given at the War Office of the United States this first day of May one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four.
            J.C. Calhoun
            (Endorsed) Secretary of War.
            George Waggoner
Registered in Book B Vol 5, page 57
Benj. L. Beall Clerk
J.L. Edwards
And further this deponent says not
Sworn to and Subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid. Geo. Brown, Clerk.
            And the said court do hereby declare their opinion that the above named deponent was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states.

George Waggoner
NY S.23989
State of New York
Madison County SS
            Jellis A. Fonda of Chittenango in the County of Madison aforesaid being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he has read the affidavit of George Waggoner vouching his claim to a pension for Revolutionary services and thereto attached. 
            That he does not now recollect the said George Waggoner but he has personal knowledge of most of the circumstances connected with the service of the said George Waggoner from the year 1781 as mentioned by him in his said affidavit.  That Gerrit Putman was a captain in the service under Colonel Willett in which regiment this deponent was adjutant. 
            That the said regiment was stationed at different places and mostly upon the Mohawk River.  That it was stationed at Fort Plain, Canajoharie and Fort Herkimer on that river, at different times.  That the troops of that regiment were engaged in the Battle of Johnstown and also in a battle on the West Canada Creek where Butler was killed.  And this deponent further saith that from the said affidavit and conversation with said George Waggoner as to his service as related by him. The movements of Colonel Willett’s Regiment and the skirmishes in which the troops were engaged, he this deponent has no doubt and believes that said Waggoner did serve in said regiment at the times mentioned by him in his said affidavit and further this deponent saith not.
Jelles A. Fonda
            Sworn and subscribed this 27th day of March 1834 before me.  Jairus French, Justice of the Peace
            This certifies, that I am personally acquainted with Jellis A. Fonda the above named deponent and that he is fully entitled to credit.  Dated March 27th 1834.  Jairus French, Justice of the Peace.
            George Waggoner did not serve in Putman’s Co. but did serve in Capt. Thomas Skinner’s Co. in the same regiment.  Skinner’s Col. was raised for 4 months starting 1 Aug. 1781.
            Company Payroll  dated 28 Oct 1785.
            On microfilm reel 78—series M 246, Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, National Archives.
            Next to his name in pencil is , 6..6..2.
            There is no signature next to his name so it appears he did not receive this.

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