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Pension Application for Joseph Waggoner

State of New York
Montgomery County
            On the twentieth day of September 1832 personally appeared in open court before me Joseph Waggoner a resident of the Town of Minden county and state aforesaid formerly the County of Tryon, aged seventy-three years the 6th day of March last past and who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act passed by Congress June 7th 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following officers hereafter mentioned and served as herein after stated. (viz)
            That in 1776 he did duty in guarding Snell’s Fort for some length of time and went in 1777 to Unadilla with General Herkimer [June] and that he was a private in Captain John Hess Company who belonged to Col. Jacob Klock’s Regiment of Militia and that in the same year they had a touer [tour] to Dutchtown also in behalf of the United Sates and that in the year 1778, he was drafted under the said Capt. Hess to go and did go to Fort Dayton for some considerable time and from thence they went to Ticonderoga with a team fourteen days and from there to Windackers near the Indian Castle in (as now called) Herkimer County and formerly called Tryon County.
            And that he afterwards was drafted under Capt. Hess and was stationed at Fort OX and from there was commanded to go and did go to Otsego where he remained but about twelve days after which time he was detached to Capt. Samuel Gray, who had the command of a company of militia and went to and was stationed at Frankfort in Tryon County now Herkimer County for nearly weeks and that he was an express [dispatch rider] for Col. Klock’s Regiment during the war to Oriskany, Herkimer, Albany and numerous other places as well as teaming from Albany to Fort Stanwix, Fort Herkimer and other places.  And that he went one trip with Capt. Hess to Herkimer, one trip to Richard Failings, one trip to the Royal Grant on a scouting and tour [tour] and one trip under Col. Willett to the Royal Grant in pursuit of the enemy and in the year 1780 he went to Fort Schuyler under General Renalins? [Van Rensselaer] [?] and from thence was detached to Capt. Samuel Gray’s company of Boatmen and went up the Mohawk River to Fort Stanwix to guard the American boats. 
            And in the year 1781 he was one of those who went in the month of July (he thinks) in pursuit of the enemy who massacred and destroyed the Americans at Timmerman’s Fort [August 9, 1781].  And that in the year 1780 he was engaged in the battle when the enemy retreated from Stonerabia after Brown’s Battle and that in 1781 he was engaged under Colonel Willett in Johnstown in Montgomery County (then Tryon County) during the battle until the defeat of the enemy at what was called the Hall Battle otherwise called Willett’s and Major Ross Battle.
            And that from the year 1776 to the close of the revolution he has in each and every year done duty and armed and equipped himself and kept himself equipped in conformity to the Law of Congress passed the 27th day of May 1775. 
            And that the said claimant doth hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity, except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
Joseph Waggoner
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  Geo. D. Ferbuson, Clerk
(Added by James F. Morrison, transcriber) Peter Wagner Jr. was promoted to captain in place of John Hess sometime in 1780.  Joseph Waggoner is listed as a sergeant in Wagner’s Co. Also as a sergeant in Capt. John Keyser’s Co.  Private in Hess’s Co.

1st Col-1775
Capt. Wm. Fox, Jr.
1st Lieut, John Hess
2nd Lieut Peter Waggoner, Jr.
Ensign, Matthew Wormwood

Received their commissions dated June 25, 1778
Capt. John Hess
1st Lieut. Peter Waggoner, Jr.
2nd Lieut, Matthew Wormwood
Ensign Peter Sitts

Received new commission  March 4, 1780
Peter Sitte 2nd Lieut.
George Waggoner Ensign

(Peter Waggoner’s Co. George Waggoner. Lieut.

2nd Lieut. Matthew Wormwood killed near Cherry Valley June 2, 1778 by Capt. Joseph Brant
Ensign Peter Sitts was captured at same time.  Released from captivity Nov. 9, 1780.

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