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Death Notice of Joseph Wagner

Another Revolutionary Patriot Gone - - Death of Joseph Wagner
            The death of this aged and respected citizen which occurred on the evening of Tuesday, though for some anticipated will "be none the less the occasion of sincere regret and sorrow among the large circle of his friends and acquaintances.  The pioneer of our growing village, for many years his decaying form and tottering steps have been watched with peculiar interest as he moved amid the population of a thriving town which has literally grown up around him, or occasionally stopped to recognize a friend, and from the stores of a most capacious memory to draw the instructive anecdote, or the wholesome truth learned in the school of experience; and now that his voice is hushed in death, hundreds will regret the departure of one who has borne so prominent a part in the early history and settlement of "Wagner's Village," and yield the tribute of a tear to his memory.
            Mr. W., notwithstanding the hardships incident to the settlement of a new country, and a naturally feeble constitution, lived to a good old age; and his strong practical sense, his sound judgment, and his business tact, ever gave him a position of commanding influence among his neighbors and acquaintances. To no other man, perhaps, is Fort Plain so much indebted for its early and rapid advancement as to the subject of this notice; and his memory, perpetuated in the virtues of a numerous and highly respected circle of relations, will not soon fade from the recollection of our citizens.  He had served his country repeatedly and creditably both in the halls of the Legislation and in the war of the revolution, and at all times enjoyed the confidence of his constituents and his commanding officer. An incident which we have not time to record, but which may be found in Stone's Life of Brant, attests well the estimate put upon the character of Mr. W. for firmness and integrity by the brave Gen. Herkimer.
            But he has gone from our midst.  In the 90TU year of his age after a long life spent in active exertions, by which he had accumulated an ample property and done much to promote the interest and prosperity of his native town, he has gone to his (maker), leaving us a worthy example of energy and industry, and many evidences of his usefulness.
Dr. Jacob G. Snell's scrapbook MSS 3-47, Montgomery County Historical Society, newspaper clipping, rear flyleaf, dated Thursday August 17, 1848.

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