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Pension Application for Martinus Zelie or Martunis Zielie

State of New York
City & County of Albany
Justices Court SS.
            I David Holt hereby certify that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said Court before the Justices thereof now sitting, that Martunus Ziele (on account of whose revolutionary services as Lieutenant of Militia, application has late been made for pension, and a declaration taken before this court by his son Peter Ziele) left no widow him surviving, but that his wife departed this life many years previous to the said day of his death.  [?] at Aurelius in the said State of New York in the year Eighteen hundred & thirteen (1813) & that after said time until the said day of his death the said Martinus Ziele remained Single & unmarried.  Witness my hand & & the Seal of the said Court this twenty second day of January A.D. One thousand Eight hundred & forty five.  G. Colt, Clerk


            In order to obtain the pension due Lieutenant Martinus Ziele in the time of his death under the Act of June 7, 1832.

State of New York
County of Albany SS.
            On this sixteenth day of August 1844 personally appeared before the Justice Court of the City of Albany now sitting Peter Ziele a resident of the town of Mentz in the County of Cayuga & State of New York aged 58 years & upwards, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the pension due his father Lieutenant Martinus Ziele at the time of his death under the Act of Congress passed June of 1832.
            That his father the said Martunus Ziele was, as Declarant has always been informed & verily believes, a Lieutenant in Colonel Vrooman’s Regiment of Militia during the whole war of the revolution.  That he then lived in the town of Middleburgh Schoharie County NY where he was born and where he continued to live until the year 1815 when having lost his property & becoming surety for a friend he moved with this Declarant & lived on Declarant’s family in the town of Friendship, Allegany County NY for a period of nine years, when he moved with Declarant to the town of Oil Creek, Crawford County Pa, where he died as before stated on the morning of the Second of November Eighteen hundred & thirty three.  That after his father’s death, to wit, in the month of November 1839 Declarant moved to the County of Cayuga in the State of New York where he still resided and Declarant further saith that his and father Martinus Ziele left seven children him amoung who are still living as Declarant believes he not having heard of their death, to wit, David Ziele living in Oil Creek aforesaid; Cornelia Rose, wife of John Rose living in Savannah, Wayne County NY; Cornelius Ziele living in Elmira, Chemung County NY; Ann Ziele living with Declarant in Mentz aforesaid; Agnes Ward, wife of Isaac Ward, living in Painted Post, Steuben County NY; Thomas Ziele living in Lysander, Onondaga County NY; and this Declarant.
            And Declarant further saith that the accompanying revolutionary documents were in the possession of his father the said Martinus Ziele at the time of his death & are all of them, as Declarant verily believes in his father’s hand writing made by him during the war of the revolution.  And Declarant further saith that his father made no application for a pension previous to his death.  That he intended to make application & spoke to an agent for that purpose but before any thing was done he departed this life.  And Declarant further saith that his said father sometimes wrote his name Martinus U. Ziele in imitation of his father and grandfather who wrote U. as a middle letter to their names, but to signify that Declarant has never been informed That Peter Ziele Lt Colonel of Vrooman’s Regiment also sometimes wrote U. but in later years the family disputed with the same and Declarant further saith that he is credibly informed that no other Martinus Ziele but his said father lived in Schoharie County during the war of the Revolution or held a Commission in Colonel Vrooman’s regiment.  (Signed) Peter Ziele
            Subscribed and sworn the day & year aforesaid in open court.  D. Holt, Clerk
Letter of inquiry dated June 11, 1940.
            Reference is made to your letter of June 6, in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Martinus Zielie of New York State, who died November 2, 1833.  You state that in the year 1782, he was granted fourteen hundred (1400) acres of land where the city of Ithaca, New York, is now situated, and you desire to know why the grant was made.
            The pension record has been found of one Martinus or Martinis Zielie or Zelie (or other spelling) who served in the Revolutionary War.  His record follows as found in this claim for pension, S.28960, based upon his service in that war.  This office does not have record of the land to which you refer.  The land was granted, possibly, by the state of New York.
            Martinus Zelie (Zielie, etc.,) was born in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, New York, and resided there at the time of the Revolutionary War; the names of his parents were not given.  It was stated that he sometimes signed his name Martinus U “in imitation of his father and grandfather who wrote U as a middle letter to their names”, but in later years the family dispensed with the same.
            Martinus Zelie or Zielie served as Lieutenant in Colonel Peter Vrooman’s Regiment of New York troops from sometimes in 1776, at different times until as late as February 1781, amounting in all to at least ten months, eight days on one tour he went to Catskill and returned to Albany before the surrender of General Burgoyne, and at other times he was in captain George Rightmyer’s (Rechtmyer’s) company.
            This officer returned to Middleburgh, New York, and resided there until the year 1815 when, “having lost his property by becoming surety for a friend” (no further information regarding this friend of property), he moved to Friendship, Allegany County, New York, and lived in the family of his son, Peter Zielie, (as he signed his name); after nine years, he moved with his son, Peter, to Oil creek, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where he died November 2, 1833.
            The name of the wife of this officer and the date and place of their marriage, was not given.  She died in the year 1813 at Aurelius, New York, exact date not shown.
            Peter Zielie, this officer’s son, resided in Mentz, Cayuga County, New York, August 16, 1844, at which time he was aged fifty-eight year, upwards.  The names of the other six children of this officer were listed then as follow:  David, who lived in Oil City, Pennsylvania; Cornelia Rose, wife of John Rose, of Savannah, Wayne County, New York; Cornelius, who lived in Elmira, Chemung County, New York; Ann (still bearing her maiden name) who lived in Mentz, with her brother Peter; Agnes War, wife of Isaac Ward, who lived at Painted Post, Steuben County, New York; and Thomas, who resided in Lysander, Onondaga County, New York.  The names of these children are shown under various spellings; Peter is the only one who signed his name.
            Peter Zielie applied August 16, 1844 for the pension due his father at the time of his death on account of his service as an officer in the Revolutionary War; he applied in behalf of himself and other surviving children listed above, under the Act of June 7, 1832.  Pension was allowed.  Certificate #32283 was issued August 22, 1845 at the rate of $136.88, per month, to commence March 4, 1831 and end November 2, 1833.

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